Our Services

Our experience has shown that 90% of organizations pay more tax than is necessary. Our tax review ensures your organization claims all relevant exemptions and tax credits. Potential trouble spots and areas that need attention may also be identified.

We specialize in:
Goods and Services Tax
Provincial Sales Taxes
Employer Health Tax

We’re efficient, independent and barely visible…
We start our review with a brief initial meeting. Our tax reviews focus around your accounts payable records, tax remittances and supporting records. We work quickly with no disruption to your normal office routine. Your staff is always treated with the utmost of respect. All records are returned exactly as they were found.

We focus on adding value…
Every review is followed by a comprehensive explanation of our findings. We show you how to avoid making the same overpayments in the future. Within two weeks of completing our on-site work, you’ll receive a detailed report, which includes copies of refund claims and supporting schedules.

We pledge unconditional confidentiality…
All information related to our review of your organization is kept strictly confidential. Original documents never leave your offices. On our premises, all client files are kept in a secured environment.

A risk-free proposition with guaranteed future benefits…
We cover all costs related to completing the review. If we save your organization money, you pay a one-time contingency fee based on savings recovered as a result of the review. This fee is payable after you’ve received your refund. Even if our tax review generates no savings, our complimentary no-charge client support services are always available to respond to your on-going sales tax concerns.